Learning & Development

Learning pillars

During my consulting career, my exposure to different domains always urged me towards lifelong learning. Through my webpage, I would like to share with you targeted resources to help you learn and/or become certified in the following domains:

EU Policy

Currently PhD researcher on EU's Digital Transition.
MA in EU Integration & MSc in Digital Humanities

Project management

Certified: PM² (Advanced), ScrumMaster® (CSM®) & Product Owner (CSPO®)

Digital skills

Certified: Tableau Desktop Specialist & Associate Consultant

Tableau: Coming in 2024!

During my first year in tech consulting, becoming certified was a must. Drawing from lessons learned through projects but also as a Tableau community leader, I plan to create a Udemy course to share tips and help you get certified!

Explore AI

Digital transformation impacts the way we live, work and learn. Tech advancements such as AI bring undeniable benefits, but also make it increasingly more difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Consequently, our skills and knowledge become outdated faster, creating a growing gap between our capacities and the market needs. If you wish to discover more about AI I recommend the following (free) beginner courses/certifications.

Scrum: Become certified

No matter the level you find yourself at this moment of your career it is worth becoming certified in Agile. Either you are a developer wanting to ace Scrum or a hybrid profile who aspires to be a Scrum Master or Product Owner you can learn a lot. Typically, you can take an intensive course and exam organised by the certified trainers of the Scrum Alliance or Scrum.org.