My story

My story

I am an enthusiastic 'kinetic' learner based in Brussels, passionate for EU, digital and life.

A 'kinetic' leader
passionate about life!

As life never stops to amaze, learning never stops (it’s kinetic). Similarly, as a professional who aspires to lead digital transformation in organisations I am interested in learning new policies, technologies & innovation trends.

My adventures in Belgium began in 2020 when I pursued my MSc in Digital Humanities from KU Leuven. Since then, I live and work in Belgium but I never forget to return for the (hidden) gems of my beloved Italy and Greece. The best things in life involve the sun, the sea and nice people!

My Passions

Besides EU & digital, I enjoy small things in life such as the company of human’s best friend (yes, I am a dog person). Traveling and enriching my food & wine palette is on top of my bucket list. A magical sunset can always calm me down.

Food & wine

My timeline


Greece: Bachelor, MA in EU integration & army service

My journey started with my bachelor's graduation in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (my home city in Greece). Since then, I completed my army service, and graduated with an MA in EU Integration in 2020.


Italy: Joint Research Center

My first experience within the EU institutions. As a part of an international team, I was responsible for the digitisation of the European Commission's archive. During this time I lived & travelled in Northern and Central Italy.


Belgium: MSc digital humanities, KUl & Deloitte

In 2020, after the completion of my MA in EU Integration, I moved to Belgium to study Digital Humanities at KU Leuven. Since 2021, I work in technology-driven organisations such as KU Leuven & Deloitte which aspire to drive digital transformation, and with clients that included the EU, public & private sector.


Belgium & UK: PhD EU's Digital Transition & BearingPoint

From 2023, my focus shifted on re-training myself professionally (in project management) and academically in the EU's Digital Transition to leverage my passion for business development and EU. Thus, I chose to engage on a part-time distance-learning PhD at the University of Portsmouth with a focus on the EU Parliament. Since November 2023, I work as a Senior EU Consultant for BearingPoint bridging the EU team and the offering of D&A to drive EU's mandate for digital transition for EU clients (and the private sector).